Little Shrine is the music project of songwriter, vocalist, and bassist Jade Shipman, working in collaboration with guitarist Tony Schoenberg and violinist Ryan Avery.

Perhaps best described as indie pop folk, the San Francisco-based trio’s music is spacious, organic, and hopeful. Little Shrine’s sound is driven by melodies and pairs Jade’s emotionally revealing lyrics with warm and sparse acoustic instrumentation.

Little Shrine’s first release, an intimate, 8-song mini-album called “Wilderness” produced by Ben Bernstein was released on Oct 20th, 2017. A full-length album will follow.

Little Shrine began informally in 2014. The group came together to work on some vulnerable and personal songs, born out of a challenging time in Jade’s life. Though each of the musicians is active in other bands, these songs didn’t fit the style of their prior collaborative projects. They decided to find a new sound, with the instruments thoughtfully supporting the lyrics and intentions of the songs.  

The name Little Shrine was inspired by the ways people cope with losses, sometimes by creating small shrines to their loved ones. Jade was moved by the meditative nature of these strange assemblages, which commemorate the beings we have loved in all their complications, silliness, sadness, cheer, and everything in between.

Other projects by Little Shrine’s members include The Saucy JacksUnknown Jordans, The Crazies Will Destroy You, Chance’s End, Emily Zisman. Tony and Jade have been collaborating musically since 2006 after meeting through craigslist. Ryan and Jade met in 2007 over a shared love of dance and eventually realized there was a musical connection as well.